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🛍️ Positive Energy Bracelets

Inspiration Elevation 

Positive Energy Bracelets


Exotic Bohemian Beaded Multi Layered Stackable Bracelets with Leaf, Tree and Owl Charms & Singular Coiled Bracelets. All  symbolizing Positive Energy, Good Vibes, Healing, Growth, Strength and Good Health. Vibrant, colorful, bold and durable. High polished, smooth stones embellished with hints silver, gold and wooden accents. Great to give as a gift… Beautiful, ornate details. Compliments every outfit and skin tone.✨

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1. Aspiration Almond Singular Coiled 

2. Worthy White Sand Stone Set

3. Tranquil Turquoise Singular Coiled

4. Positive Pastel Stone Set

5. Noble Native Singular Coiled

6. Brilliant Blue Bahamas Set

✅ $19/A Set 

3 Positive Energy Bracelets come in each set.

✅ $15/Each For Singular Coiled Positive Energy Bracelets.

✅ Discount Package Price $80 For  the complete set of all bracelets. Includes 3 Sets + 3 Singulars.

✅ Shipping is 3-6 Business Days

     (+$3 Shipping)

✅ Safe Payments via PayPal

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